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Deodorising is the final stage of the refining process and it is used to free the bleached/dewaxed oil from odoriferous material, free fatty acids and other minor impurities present.

Veendeep Oiltek’s special Deordorisation plant processes bleached oil to give superior quality odorless, colorless, bland oil with good shelf life. 

Salient features of the process are :
  • Heating and cooling the oil is done under vacuum ensuring high quality and no side products.
  • Efficient heat recovery of more than 80% ensuring low energy consumption.
  • Shallow bed design for intricate mixing of steam and oil.
  • Efficient scrubbing of the fatty acids for low carry over to the hot wells.
The bleached oil is first pumped into Deareator where entrapped air if any is removed. The oil is then heated in vacuum final heater to the required deodorising temperatures with the help of high pressure steam/ Thermic Fluid heating system.

The oil flows into the trays of the Deodoriser along longitudinal channels. Sparge steam pipes are installed in each compartment for intimate mixing of the oil and the steam.

The oil then flows to subsequent many deodorising trays and then finally enters into the heat recovery tray. The oil is then cooled in the heat exchanger .

The deodorised oil then passes through a set of polish filters for storage.

The fatty acids and other components pass through large ducts and are condensed in special condensing section by means of fatty acids circulating at low temperature.

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